The art of thoughtful gifting…


How great does it feel to hand over a gift that you know will be so well received?!

The mutual excitement and anticipation is something really special.

While it’s safe to say receiving gifts is the highlight of most childhood birthdays, as time goes on the act of giving seems to become more and more fulfilling as we learn more about the little things that our friends and families enjoy.

While I myself have always enjoyed the idea and process behind organising gifts for loved ones, I know that there are many people who LOVE to give but find the process overwhelming and even challenging at times.

‘How are you so organised?’ ‘Where do you find the time?’ are questions that I am often asked when it comes to present buying.

Well, I have found the below strategies to come in useful when selecting presents for my loved ones over the years…

Nothing beats a little list to keep you on track…

I am still a lover of paper and pen for certain things in my life, and my personal diary is one of them. There is something about the act of writing things down that seems to lock them in my memory bank in a much more reliable way than I can store (and access) this information digitally.

At the beginning of each month I make a little list of upcoming gifts to organise, along with a few ideas that come to mind. This helps me stay on track and I feel that I am more in tune to find what I am looking for when I have a clearer picture in my mind. I am also able to consider appropriate gifts as I see them, rather than make last minute decisions, often resulting in an impulse purchase that I may regret later on.

Thoughtfulness does not come with a price tag…

Some of the most thoughtful gifts I have received are ones that have no monetary value. A beautiful posy of hand picked flowers from a friend’s garden or a handmade voucher from a family member for a ‘day just for me’ while my little ladies are looked after 😊

Planning ahead gives us time to think about what would mean the most to our loved ones, and what they will truly appreciate. Sometimes friends and family like to give subtle hints in passing conversations and these are the little things I like to jot down and come back to.

We don’t need to reinvent the wheel…

Over the years I have joined several Facebook groups relating to my interests and the area that I live in. There is a wealth of experience and knowledge that is shared on these platforms, just ask the question and you will find people who are more than willing to help.

I often see people asking for inspiration on gift ideas for particular occasions and milestone events. These types of posts usually receive lots of comments and some great ideas to work with, and may even lead to some great local discoveries!

Help is here if you need it!

Like me, there are many people out there who love the act of thoughtfully curating gifts for others, which is why I recommend seeking out products and businesses that align with your values and those of your loved ones; whether it be ensuring products are locally sourced, eco-friendly, contain natural ingredients or something different altogether.

Many small businesses offer customised options also, which will give you a greater opportunity to send the message you are after. If you need some help putting together a thoughtful package of local products for a special someone in the lead up to Mother’s day, take a look at our range or feel free to get in touch for more information.

Finally, remember, “It’s not how much we give, but how much we put into giving.”-Mother Teresa.

Jenna xx

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