Hello and Welcome!

Before I share a little about us, let’s just acknowledge YOU.

Thank you for landing here and checking out our very first blog post!!

In the fast-paced world that we live in, time really is the most precious asset we have ‒ and we really do appreciate yours

A little bit about us…

Hi there! I’m Jenna, one half of the sister duo that makes up the Soulful Box, and the face behind this blog.

I am a Mum of two, ‘favourite’ Aunty of seven and a kindergarten teacher of many!

I enjoy spending time in the kitchen, experimenting with nutritious recipe ideas ‒ although somehow I end up eating most of my own creations! Luckily they are healthy.

I am a board game lover, expert pantry organiser and the most geographically challenged person going around. Sadly, landmarks don’t even seem to help with my navigational ability!!

I am creative at heart and have great big ideas….

The only trouble is I often let them remain ideas, and talk myself out of taking the leap required to put them into action.

And now I am delighted to introduce Tara- my sister and business partner. Tara is a qualified beauty and massage therapist, small business owner, life coach, business coach, mum of four, expert juggler and risk taker!!

She doesn’t let the big ideas remain ideas for long, and the only thing slowing her down is not having enough hours in the day to fit everything in. So you can see why we make a good duo!

Our love for local

We came up with the idea for The Soulful Box over coffee one day, reflecting on how the current economic climate has impacted so many small businesses around us and how we as individuals are able to reach out and make a positive difference.

One of our favourite shared past times is strolling around the market sampling beautiful local products, connecting with local entrepreneurs and finding out about their journey. We are always amazed at the amount of precious gems out there!!

The Soulful Box aims to capture this experience in a box and allow us to share these stories and spread kindness and happiness wherever we go. Through this blog we hope to cast the spotlight on some inspiring and innovative local products and businesses.

We will explore topics including conscious and sustainable living, thoughtful gift giving, and all things health and wellness, because that is what we both strongly believe in.

“It’s never too early or too late to work towards being the healthiest you!” (Get Healthy U)

As this is my first attempt at taking a great leap, I would love to hear your thoughts and comments along the way.

Until next time.

Jenna xx

4 thoughts on “Hello and Welcome!”

  1. Well done sisters, I can’t wait to see and hear more.
    I’ve known Tara for over ten years now and in that time found her to be an amazing, young woman with huge drive and passion for one so young! My husband and I have supported and been supported by Tara in her business ventures and love what she does. I’m sure this next step will be super exciting. Go girls 😉😉

    1. Thanks so much Liz!

      Tara sure is driven and passionate. Never a dull moment working together 🙂

      We really appreciate your support and look forward to achieving some great things for our local community through The Soulful Box. Exciting times ahead!!

      Jenna x

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